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viernes, 23 de diciembre de 2011

Christmas Present!(●・ω・●)ノ

i got a visit from a friend from school! ^^
he only came to my house to give me a Christmas present ヽ(●´▽`)ノ
he gived me...
THIS CUTE UNICORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(●・ω・●)ノ I LOVE IT! thank you so much TOT

and in other things my parents were out all day buying christmas presents...
i want to know what they bougth! ヾ(`д´●)ノ i do not care if the presents are not for me I have only curiosity :3

and about tumblr~ well today i lost another 34 followers and some of them get really rude! O-O if they do not like just unfollow me gosh you do not have to be rude but whatever....
i do not care~!

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