jueves, 8 de diciembre de 2011

Some pictures of my trip on Mexico City☆~

        i found some Lolita's!!(●`・▽・)ノ

This Christmas Tree is HUGE!!!!!!!!!! *-* and so cute!

This is a church on the Zocalo and we found that there was a wedding of some local artist X'D

This is Bellas Artes is an Amazing Building!(●・ω・●)ノ

These flowers are called ''noche buenas'' and im not sure if there are some on another places :P

My favorite Place of the Trip!!!!!!! *-* this store is called Harajuku Shiba, that is run by a nice japanese guy called Shiba :DD this image is just a part of the store *-* there is another special part where is all the Visual kei Stuff <3 in this place have been all the members of versailles, Hitt and i do not remember who else~ i think that Kiwamu and GPK too~ oooh! and Sisen!!! <3

i found a lot of Dir en grey Stuff there but i did not carry money because i spent all one day before (in the Dir en grey concert)

 This place was specially for Yu-gi-oh cards! -this one was in a place mmm something like a mall but this mall was just for japanese stuff and there where 3 mall's like this in the city!!!!!!!!-

This store was so cuteee <3 there sell some decoden stuff, circle lenses, anime things etc...

i just want to go back to that places but i want to carry more money this time!!! >.<

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